Plan for CTE Classes

Current data shows that CTE programs will vastly improve graduation rates.

Plan For CTE Classes

1. We will rapidly expand our CTE Programs.
A. Our goal is to develop CTE offering and hire staff accordingly. By QT2 2019
B. We will convert additional space at 67th AVE to provide more CTE classes and space to photo and video those classes.
C. Videography is an essential component of our CTE program. We will  “You Tube” CTE Lab activities so other students can learn and participate.

2. We will meet with students in groups to establish where CTE interest is highest prior to implementation.

3. Build content and sequence for classes.
A. Input from students/parents has resulted it these classes being selected:
• General Automotive 1&2
• Wood working 1&2
• Basic Tools
• Commercial Painting
B. Establish Video Protocols and the Process for sharing lessons with online students.
C. Train staff to produce and post videos for students.

Educational Options Foundation Opens New CTE Lab

The new CTE Lab provides students with the opportunity to participate in hands-on project based learning experiences.


Projects include:

  • Sign Making using a CNC computer based router


  • “Build A Box” – The tools and techniques needed to design and build a storage box or bench


  • Culinary Arts


  • Painting

The project day programs last from 4-5 hours and are free to non-profit groups.  If you have a group interested in a hands on program please contact Jeff Sawner at for details.

The CTE Lab is located at our facility on the Northwest corner of 67th Ave. and West Calle Lejos in Peoria.

New Learning Center Opens in the North Valley


The Educational Options Foundation opened a new EdOptions High School Learning Center, located on the Northwest corner of 67th Ave. and West Calle Lejos in Peoria. The Learning Center provides support for students in grades 9-12.


Phone: 623-755-8420
Address: 6710 W. Calle Lejos, Peoria, AZ

We are currently open for enrollment. Download the enrollment package or call 480-621-3365 to learn more about your new school!