Board Information

Public notices of all meetings and Agenda are posted in the Educational Options Foundation District office, as well as on the web site 24 hours in advance.

The board shall transact business as authorized by ARS 38.431.4; “”Meeting” means the gathering, in person or through technological devices, of a quorum of members of a public body at which they discuss, propose or take legal action, including any deliberations by a quorum with respect to such action.”

EOF10/9/18Download agenda
EOF9/25/18Download agenda
EOF9/12/18Download agenda
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EOF7/15/18Download agenda
EOF7/2/18Download agenda
EOF6/21/18Download agenda
EOF6/15/18Download agenda
EOF5/14/18Download agenda
EOF5/3/18Meeting is canceled and will be rescheduled.
EOF3/7/18Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA3/7/18Download agenda
EOF12/18/17Download agenda
EOF10/10/17Download agenda
EOF7/13/17Download agenda
EOF6/27/17Download agenda
EOF3/8/17Download agenda
EOF3/7/17Download agenda
EOF1/26/17Download agenda
EOF11/9/16Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA10/11/16Download agenda
EOF10/6/16Download agenda
EOF9/20/16Download agenda
EOF7/6/16Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA Grad6/24/16Download agenda
EOF Grad6/24/16Download agenda
EOF6/15/16Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA Grad6/10/16Download agenda
EOF Grad6/10/16Download agenda
EOF5/27/16Download agenda
EOF5/12/16Download agenda
EOF2/9/16Download agenda
EOF1/14/16Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA HP12/11/15Download agenda
EOF HP12/11/15Download agenda
EOF10/7/15Download agenda
EOF Rescheduled10/1/15Download agenda
EOF7/6/15Download agenda
EOF6/22/15Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA Grad6/10/15Download agenda
EOF Grad6/10/15Download agenda
EOF5/29/15Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA Grad5/28/15Download agenda
EOF Grad5/28/15Download agenda
EOF1/16/15Download agenda
EOF12/16/14Download agenda
Meeting12/16/14Download agenda
EOF12/9/14Download agenda
EOF12/5/14Download agenda
EOPA12/4/14Download agenda
EOHSLC12/4/14Download agenda
EOHS/EOPA11/5/14Download agenda
EOF10/15/14Download agenda
EOF9/24/14Download agenda
Meeting7/15/14Download agenda
EOF7/8/14Download agenda
EOF6/26/14Download agenda
EOF6/25/14Download agenda
EOF6/3/14Download agenda
EOHS Grad5/29/14Download agenda
EOF Grad5/29/14Download agenda
Meeting5/20/14Download agenda
Meeting5/6/14Download agenda
EOF3/15/14Download agenda
EOF HP12/18/13Download agenda
HP12/18/13Download agenda
EOF12/5/13Download agenda
Meeting11/20/13Download agenda
Meeting10/16/13Download agenda
EOF10/8/13Download agenda
Meeting9/18/13Download agenda
Meeting7/9/13Download agenda
Meeting6/21/13Download agenda
Meeting5/30/13Download agenda
Grad EOF5/30/13Download agenda
Grad EOHS5/30/13Download agenda
Meeting4/3/13Download agenda
Meeting2/5/13Download agenda